Adult Sunday School

Each Sunday, adult classes offer a time of sharing, renewal, and growth in faith and knowledge.  Adult Classes offer a place to meet with other people of faith where you can find the encouragement, care, and support that we all need to meet the challenges of daily life.  Think of the adult class as a source of respite and renewal for the coming week.  

John Wesley, founder of Methodism, was an avid reader who valued the mind as one of God’s most precious gifts to us.  He encouraged learning for all - young and old.  What better way to grow in faith and find a time of renewal than to join an adult class?  Calvary’s adult classes are diverse and are open to adults of all ages.

Couples Class (Not just for couples anymore!) 
Bob Jacobs, Larry Johnson & Ray Frank
Meeting in the main building, 2nd Floor, Church Parlor. Wesley curriculum from David C. Cook is the choice of growing Sunday schools that value the holiness doctrinal distinctives and the mission to evangelize and disciple generations for Christ. Not only will students learn about living the holy life, they will put it to practice.

Asbury Class
Led by Dave Herber
Meeting in the main building, 2nd Floor, Memorial Room. The Christianity Today Study Series delves into today's vital cultural issues to get to the heart of what these topics mean to readers. "Creation Care" addresses the problem of how we as Christians can appropriately deal with the difficult topics of stewardship, the environment, global warming, and more. 

Fellowship Class
Frank Strakonsky
Meets in the John Wesley room (main building) to discuss issues relevant to members’ day to day and church lives, providing encouragement and support in creating and sustaining strong Christian families.

Friendly Circle
Bonnie Strine & John Slovikosky
Meeting in the Main Building, Friendly Circle Room. Join the Friendly Circle Class as they study various books related to faith and life.

New Beginnings
Jeff Zalatoris
Education Building, 3rd floor, end of hall., Room 35 
This is a rather large group that ranges from parents with young children to parents with grown children.  This class studies Christian classics that challenge the way Christians relate to the world around them.  these adults dig deep into God's Word so they can better minister in Christ's name - seeing each day as a New Beginning.
Open View
Greg Gray and Dan Long
Meeting in the Education Building, Lower Level, Activities Room. This inter generational class is made up mostly of married couples and parents who support one another through fellowship, discussion and Bible study topics that are relevant to their lives.

Grateful Hearts Class
Melissa Rowley and Paulette Shockey
Statistics show that only 5 percent of churches have an outreach to disabled persons and that 95 percent of the people who have disabilities are not active in any church.  Calvary United  Methodist is proud to say that we offer this important ministry to our community! Our dedicated teachers provide lessons designed to nurture the spiritual lives of people who are mentally challenged,  learning disabled, hearing impaired, visually impaired, or otherwise physically disabled.

Young Adult Group

 This newly formed group meets in the Baker Center conference room.  It is an informal study group.