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Calvary Offers Many Opportunities to Serve & Lead


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Acolytes are some of our youngest worship volunteers. This is a great way for our youth to get involved in worship and set an example for the younger children.  This is a small monthly commitment, only 1.5 hours every 5 weeks. If you can help out, please contact Katy Mossburg at 301-662-1464


Greeting and attending to our congregation and guests needs every Sunday morning...

Lay readers


coffee hour servers




bus drivers

DRIVERS NEEDED! The Grateful Hearts class is in need of drivers on Sunday mornings. One driver is needed to report to the church at 8:00 AM to pick up the members of the Grateful Hearts class and another driver is needed at 12:00 PM to take our friends home.

We are working to schedule a training class on how to drive the church bus in the coming weeks so that more church members can sign up for this very important ministry.

Please contact Dianna Snow if you are willing to become a driver for the Grateful Hearts class.