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Pastor's Ponderings Dec 5



Pastor Ponderings

 We have just begun the holy season of ADVENT. We’ve been through ADVENT before, but we come this year aware of the frightening currents in the world around us:

  • North Korea tests yet another missile and this time shows it may well have the technical capability to reach nearly all of the continental the United States
  • We watch our leaders on the national level who seem to be more interested in scoring points than building a just society for all.
  • Each day we learn of another public figure accused of sexual misconduct and the #MeToo phenomenon reveals many lives have been affected by people who overstepped lines that should never be crossed.
  • Gun violence that takes the lives of minorities and law enforcement, children, people from all walks of life. Mass shootings, accidental deaths, and suicides.
  • The opioid epidemic that strikes down the young and the old, those from difficult situations as well as those from the best families.

 As the nights grow longer and the darkness creeps upon us, Advent is a time to light a candle and hold up a beam of light. It is a time to turn to God for answers when life is so full of questions. If we come to the Lord with an open heart and a willingness to receive, we find that God stops down to meet us where we are.

God doesn’t leave us to our own worst fears, but God comes to be among us and offer us hope.


-Pastor Steve

Pastor's Ponderings


Advent begins a little later than usual this year.  It always starts four Sundays prior to Christmas day.  This year, Christmas day falls on a Monday, which means that Christmas Eve is also the Fourth Sunday of Advent.  In the morning, we will have one worship service where we talk about waiting and anticipation of what is to come. Then we return that afternoon and evening to hear that the waiting is over and God has come into our world in the birth of the Christ child.  It's a bit of a stretch, especially for the musicians, but it creates a dramatic and pleasing finale to the season.

The word Advent is derived from the Latin word adventus, which means "coming."  Advent scripture lessons are about God's coming Messiah and the change God will ultimately bring to creation.  The season proclaims the coming of Christ, not just once long ago, but repeatedly throughout history to present moment.  We remember his birth in Bethlehem, of course, but we also celebrate his coming in Word and Spirit, and who will return in final victory at the end of the age.

Let this be a time in which we make ourselves ready for God who continues to step into our ordinary lives to do something extraordinary.

See you in church,

Pastor Steve 


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