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Pastor Pondering April 3

April 3, 2018

Easter Sunday was pretty amazing at Calvary United Methodist Church. The flowers made a garden scene, the music lifted hearts and spirits to heavenly places, the scriptures reminded us of God’s victory over death and we shared together at the Lord’s Table. It was great to see so many gathered together, extended family from far away, friends and the curious as well as those we see in worship every Sunday. We were given a glimpse of what God has promised to all who believe, that is, abundant life with one another and with God.

 The challenge is always what comes next. We have to find ways to continue to live out this in the days that follow. Fortunately, we can work this out together. The church is the community that keeps this memory of Easter alive and before us as we face the everyday matters that come along.

 Ann Weems was a writer and poet who shaped the worship life of many congregations across this country during the last fifty plus years She passed away on March 17 this year at the age of 81. While preparing for Easter this year, I came across a copy of Weems book, kneeling in Jerusalem, that was given to me by Jesse and Irma Myers twenty-five years ago.

 She writes,

            The Lamb has been slain,

                and the sheep scattered.

            Now is the time for kneeling,

                the time for believers

              to kneel and call upon his name

                 to kneel

                        and to rise again:

         the community of the resurrection.

 Together we are the community of resurrection every Sunday and in the days in between.

 Pastor Steve