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Pastor's Ponderings February 6, 2017

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Calvary Church does many great things. There is always something worthwhile happening in the building and among the various groups and ministries. Yet, keeping busy with worthwhile events is not enough. The church needs to always be considering its mission and God’s call. We need to be sure that we are doing the right things that bring about God’s kingdom here in our midst.

The time has come for the church to engage in an intentional period of planning and discernment around its future. Who are we? Who is our neighbor? What is God calling us to do and be as we move into the future?

The Church Council recently received an overview of a planning process that will run over the next six months of the year. The Council has called for the creation of a Vision Team that will oversee a process of study, discussion, and prayerful discernment that will lead to a written statement that will give broad direction to the leaders and members of the church and focus our energy to accomplish what God is calling us to be and do. Nominations for Vision Team membership can be made to Pastor Steve Larsen.

The Vision Team will involve 5-7 individuals who will study demographic information, conduct interviews among town and county leaders, conduct surveys of current members and constituents, study the Bible and engage in prayer. There will be various ways in which information and comments are gathered from the people within the church and progress reports made to the Church Council and larger congregation. You are invited to pray for the work that is underway as well as the members of the Vision Team, that we can know what it is that God has in mind for us, and have the courage to do it in Jesus’ name. You can expect to learn much more as the process gets underway in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, you can read the document “A Framework for Planning” on our website. CLICK HERE to visit that document.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Steve Larsen 

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