ABC's of Christian Stewardship

10.12.16 | Stewardship 2016-2017

    The ABC's of Christian Stewardship
    Annual Campaign of Calvary United Methodist Church

    Do you know your ABC’s? When it comes to Christian discipleship, the ABC’s are all about helping people connect with Jesus Christ. One of the primary ways we grow in our faith is by learning to place our time, talents and treasure in God’s hands. God has great plans for us and for the church and each of us has a part to play in His kingdom.

    Our annual stewardship campaign at Calvary United Methodist Church gets underway on Sunday, October 23. Our theme this year is “The ABC’s of Christian Stewardship.” During the four weeks of the campaign, we hope to have everyone connected with the church prayerfully consider what they wish to offer God in the coming year.

    Commitment Cards: printable and on-line version

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