Be Rich Annual Giving Campaign



      Be Rich~ Annual Giving Campaign 2017

    The Apostle Paul calls us to be rich not in goods, but in good deed and to be generous and ready to share with others.  In this way, we lay up future treasures (1 Timothy 6: 18-19).

    This card represents a tangible way for us to worship and serve God through our financial gifts.  When we make a practice to share what we have with others, we are blessed.  When we practice generosity, we make it possible for God's work to be done through the church and for the Lord to work through us.

    Commitment Sunday is November 19, 2017 

    We will present our annual giving commitments during the worship services on Sunday, November 29.  You can complete a commitment card online, by clicking here, print out a card or complete the card enclosed with the Giving Packets sent to your home or available in the church narthex.

    Please Return an Annual Giving Card

    Your annual giving card reflects your intentions with regard to your giving to God and the church throughout 2018.  Your tithes and offerings make it possible for Calvary United Methodist Church to provide worship, outreach, Christian education, small groups, and ministries to children, youth adults, and senior adults.  Your financial contributions keep the doors open and the lights on so that we might lift up Jesus Christ in this community.

    We ask everyone to complete an annual commitment card, even if you can only estimate your actual giving in the coming year.  (You can always change the amount you put on the card as situations change.) Let the amount you put on the card be something that reflects your faith and desire to grow in your faith.  Pray about it.

    What we Give Sharpes How Much We Grow 

    Giving that costs us little will not do much to help faith grow and develop.  It is not the amount that we give that matters as much as what the giving represents.  As we give, we find God increases and strengthens our faith.

    Commitment Card for 2018 (Printable version)

    Be Rich~ Annual Giving Campaign Online Commitment Card

    Option for Electronic Giving

    Electronic giving – Electronic Fund Transfer FORM