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Pastor's Ponderings January 9, 2017

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New Sermon Series Begins on Sunday

The recent campaign and election revealed that we are a deeply divided nation. Social media creates echo chambers where we listen to people we already agree with and we fail to engage in constructive ways with others. Our United States is becoming in many ways less united. And yet, Christ calls us clearly to love our neighbor and build bridges of compassion and understanding with those who are different. The series, entitled Can We Be Civil? starts on January 15 and runs through February. Here is a preview of the first two weeks:

Sunday, January 15    Martin Luther King, Jr Weekend  

Sermon title: Morality, Manners and the Etiquette of Democracy     1 John 3:11-20
Just prior to the inauguration of a new president that has a higher unfavorable rating than any modern president-elect, we will examine what civility looks like and how we might mend the many divisions among us.

Sunday, January 22

Sermon Title: You Have to be Carefully Taught                                  1 John 3:11-20
Civility is learned and acquired as it is modeled and taught in our families, our schools, and our religious communities. We learn to get along with each other in these three places. What can we be doing as a church to teach and promote civility in the wider community?

See you in church!

Pastor Steve

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Pastor's Ponderings, December 27, 2016

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I’m away this week!

If you try to reach me at the church this week, I won’t’ be there. Neither will I be at home. Instead Wanda and I and our daughter Emma are vacationing with our son Nathan in Hawaii this week. Nathan is in the Army, stationed at Ft. Shafter outside of Honolulu. We hope to enjoy some tropical weather and time at the beaches over the holiday break.

It’s been several years since we’ve taken any vacation trip and we’ve never been away from the church at Christmas time before. But this year we are going because we seldom get to see our son or have the whole family together. With Wanda teaching, it is either now at Christmas break or we’d have to wait until summer. The trip has been in the works long before I knew I’d been here at Calvary Church in Frederick. It’s sort of a combination graduation gift for our daughter and a 30th anniversary trip for Wanda and I.  We’ve been scrimping and saving for some time so that we could do this.

I am grateful that Rev. Harry agreed to take on the worship service for Christmas Day and Rev. Ken has not only agreed to cover any emergencies while I’m gone, he also will lead the worship service on New Year’s Day. It is so great to have their help. (I will certainly be missing Rev. Harry!) I will be back on January 4 ready to start the new year with the Calvary family. I know that 2017 will be a great year for us all.


 Pastor Steve

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