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Dear Friend in Christ,

This is a special time of the year, a time with the world around us is going through a transformation with beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red. And yet those colors — as beautiful as they are — are the signs of ending and culmination.  Another season of the year draws to a close. Another chapter in the memory book of life is concluding. This is the natural process of change and renewal, birth and death, that leads to renewal and new life.

New possibilities and opportunities for faithfulness lay ahead for all of us. As faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we are always about living the abundant life. Calvary United Methodist Church is doing the work of proclaiming the gospel, growing in discipleship and offering love and service to others. We offer the water of grace to thirsty souls as God brings forgiveness, cleansing, peace and a whole new perspective to life.

Here’s just a few things to celebrate:

  • After a break for the pandemic, Calvary Weekday School opened once again in August. For fifty years, the Calvary Weekday School has offered a quality learning experience for young children and their families.
  • We have provided in person and online worship services every Sunday.
  • We have provided ways for people to find fellowship, mutual support, Bible study, and connection in person and through online tools, telephone calls, driveway visits, cards and letters.
  • We have offered a youth program and children’s ministry even with challenging conditions that called for creativity, patience, and grace.

Although we haven’t been able to be together or share in the ways we were accustomed to, and many things we cherish have not been available to us during this past year, God is still faithful and there have been ways to still be connected and in ministry together. We are God’s messengers of hope to those who are what the Apostle Paul calls “aliens” and “strangers.” And God invites us to be part of the process of bringing eternal life to needy people through faith in Jesus Christ.

At this special time of the year, when the world around us is going through change, I’d like to ask you to prayerfully consider where God is leading you in the year to come. We invite you to support one another and the church as a whole through your PRAYERS, your PRESENCE, your GIFTS, your WITNESS and your SERVICE.

If you have gotten out of the habit of coming to the church building to worship and be in a Sunday School class, please come and join us. We long to have you join with us in person if at all possible. We also encourage you to consider the ways that you might be in service to Christ and how you may be a witness to Christ. And we also invite you to consider your giving to the church in the coming year.

Our annual giving campaign is underway. Our theme this year is “Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving” which comes from Psalm 50. We are enclosing a “Estimate of Giving Card” for 2022. These can also be found online at the church website We will be offering both these cards and online submissions to God in our Sunday worship service on Sunday, November 21.

Great things lay ahead for us all as we open our hearts and minds to God’s leading and step out in faith together.

Yours in Christ,

 Rev. Dr. Steve Larsen, Senior Pastor


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