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Calvary Choirs & Music


Music plays an important part in the life of Calvary United Methodist Church.

There are currently several choirs for voices and handbells. These choirs participate in Sunday morning worship services as well as special holiday services. Previous musical experience is not mandatory to join any of the choirs, just a commitment to serve God through the gift of music! We would like to invite any and all to find the choir(s) that interest you and become involved in the music ministry of Calvary!

Calvary United Methodist Church also has an active Concert Series program. Click HERE to find out the most current schedule.


The anchor of Calvary’s Music Ministry, the adult choir sings every Sunday through the choir season. Through a range of musical styles, this choir works to heighten the worship experience through musical offerings that amplify the scripture and message of the day as well as the liturgical season. Through our shared sense of mission we sharpen our musical skills, spend time laughing and sharing, give of our time and talent – all to the glory of God!

Older youth that would benefit from this opportunity are encouraged to join us!


The Joyful Noise Ringers is an adult handbell group. They practice on TUESDAY evenings from 6:30 – 715 p.m. The bell choir participates in Sunday worship services and other special events. No previous handbell experience is necessary.


For ages 4 years through 5th grade, this choir connects children to the heart of worship as they learn to praise God through song and movement. Singing at least once per month as well as Palm Sunday and Christmas eve, the Children’s Choir offers youngsters an important role in the life of the church. They rehearse on Sundays from 12:30 to 1:00pm on the top floor of the Education building. Beth Waskey, directors.


Originated as a guitar ensemble, AGAPE has become an integral part of Calvary’s Music Ministry. Adding piano and vocals to the ensemble has enabled this group to present contemporary songs full of meaning and message to our congregation. AGAPE director, Rob Summers.


With much gratitude to the generosity of many donors, a set of eight full circle peal bells cast by John Taylor Bellfounder of Leicestershire, England was installed in 2004. Calvary’s peal bells are a part of Frederick’s unique standing as possibly the only place in the world where all three Western bell instruments are within hearing distance of each other, along with the Carillon at Baker Park and the Chime Set at Trinity Chapel.

In 2006, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Tour of Historic Houses of Worship, all three sets of bells were rung at once.

In addition to Calvary’s peal bell ringers, ringers from around the world visit Calvary for peal attempts.

New bell ringers from Calvary are needed to ring all the bells. Please contact the Calvary office at 301-662-1464 is interested.

The ringing room is located at the top of the stairs as you head to the church balcony.


Joyce Summers, choir accompanist and Community Concert Series coordinator.

Sanctuary Choir

Children’s Choir 



Bell Peal