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Pastor's Pondering March 22, 2018

Pastor Pondering, March 22

What's Happening?

We have now made nearly all of the journey through the season of Lent. We started on February 14, Valentine’s Day, when we were reminded of our mortality and our need for God. We have traveled these weeks and days singing hymns in minor keys, reading through the Gospel of John, passing out slips of paper and praying for someone in the congregation we may not even know. Easter is on the way, but before we get to the “Alleluias,” colored eggs and Easter flowers, we still have to make our way through the hardest part of the story. We have to hear that the only way to Easter takes us through rejection, suffering, and death of Holy Week. We begin that last part of the journey this Sunday as we wave our palm branches, but also hear what will follow after for Jesus and his followers.

On Wednesday, March 28, we will hear Rev Dr. Ray Moreland lead us through the portion of the Gospel of John that talks about the arrest, trial and crucifixion Jesus. This will be the last of our Lenten Programs for this year.

On Thursday, March 29, we will gather for worship that will celebrate Holy Thursday when Jesus gave us the commandment to love one another and demonstrated what love looks like by washing his disciples’ feet and offering himself to us in the bread and wine. (Worship service at 7:00 PM in the sanctuary with combined choirs and holy communion).

On Friday, March 30, we will meet in the chapel for a service that takes us on to the cross and reveals to us just how far God in Christ will go to win us over in love. Worship will be at 7:00 pm.

 (Saturday will be a busy day with the Easter Egg hunt and preparing the sanctuary for Easter morning.)

 On Sunday,  April 1, we will gather to see what God’s love can do. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the ways in which his story becomes our story and hope and life are offered to us here and now. Easter falls on April Fool’s Day this year, but the joke is not on those who believe. Rather it is on those who thought that death was the end.

 See you in church,

 Pastor Steve

Pastor's Pondering March 13

Pastor's Pondering

We’ve been making our way through the season of Lent. Each Sunday morning we’ve been reminded how God has been making it possible for us to be in a relationship with each other and with God. “Covenant” is the word for this special relationship based on promises and trust that starts with God and flows towards us. It started back in the days of Noah with God’s promise to never flood the world again. Then it came to Abraham and Sarah who were chosen to be the start of a whole new nation that would be a source of God’s blessing to all the people of the earth. Then God made a promise to be with the people of Israel as they wandered in the wilderness and the promise came along with a list of commandments for the people to follow on their side of the relationship.
This week, as we get to the end of Lent, we hear from the Prophet Jeremiah who tells us that God has a plan that goes deeper and wider than anything that’s come before. God wants to write the covenant not on tablets of stone, but on each and every human heart. "I will be their God and they will be my people.” It’s an offer and an invitation to live with God’s love shaping all we are and all that we do.

It’s not easy to love each other. Lots of things get in the way. But with God’s help, we find that God’s love can flow through us even when we ourselves may not be all that loving. If we ever needed more love in the world, now is the time.
See you in Church,
Pastor Steve

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