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Pastors Pondering Jan 23

Pastor Ponderings

The Trustees have started a renovation project on the ladies' restroom on the main level.  The pick tile and flowered wallpaper have been removed and permanently retired.  After the dust settles and the caulk dries, there will be a new, fresh and appealing restroom for the women to use just outside the library.  In the meantime, the Men's room near the library will be turned into a temporary Ladies' room.  Upstairs, the small restroom outside the parlor will also be renovated and updated.

The John Wesley Room across from the chapel is also getting a makeover.  The smaller, outer room will be opened up and the cabinets removed.  The larger room behind this will get a new ceiling, better lighting and window treatments.  The plan is for this to become a classroom or lounge with some sofas and chairs.  This will make a nice space for counseling, small groups, for families to gather before a funeral or wedding attendants before the ceremony.  These projects are intended to continue to make the best use of our facilities.  Incidentally, the presence of the large dumpster in the church parking lot allows the church to clean out some of the materials and accumulated items that are no longer needed.

See you in church,

Pastor Steve


Pastor's Pondering January 17

January 17

For a long time, one of the items on my bucket list was to run a marathon. A buddy from high school days was a lifelong runner. Bruce was always lean and exercised regularly. I figured that if I was ever going to run a marathon, I would need to transform myself somehow into this friend. It turns out that was necessary at all.

 I started running when I was in my mid-40’s. On a warm April day, I headed for a nearby park and planned to run around the lake. It turned out to be much harder than I expected. I ended up walking much of the distance, but it was a start. I kept at it. A friend from church gave me some tips and lots of encouragement. Then I found an article that outlined a plan that could help someone build up strength and endurance over the course of several weeks. I tried it out and it worked. After some initial successes, I then could look at setting a bigger goal. The formula for success turned out to be pretty straightforward: start small, set goals, keep at it and then celebrate each success. Eventually, over the course of about two years, I was able to run a 10K, half-marathon and then a full marathon.

 Christian discipleship can be much like this. It is an adventure that begins with taking the initial step, setting some goals, sticking to it over time and celebrating each accomplishment along the way. It helps to have a plan. And it also helps to have others to offer encouragement and maybe a tip or two.  The Discipleship Pathways provides a plan that we all can follow and there are plenty of people at Calvary Church that can provide encouragement and companionship along the way.

 See you in church

 Pastor Steve

 This week we are providing copies of the Discipleship Pathways document in the worship service. To see this online, click here


 What’s coming in worship:    

Jan. 21             Disciples Give Generously

2 Corinthians 9:6-15 and Mark 1:3-20                                   

 Jan. 28             Disciples Worship and Pray

                        Hebrews 10:24-25 and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-28

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