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Pastor's Pondering September 12

September 12
New Director for Voice of Praise Choir
We are pleased to announce the hiring of Sarah Zimmerman as the new director of the Voices of Praise youth choir. Sarah is a graduate of Westminster Choir College and Roberts Wesleyan College. She has extensive experience in both opera and choirs and is an active member of Frederick Presbyterian Church. She has energy and experience as well as an appreciation of the role of music in worship.
In accepting the position, she shared “I am so thrilled that you all are taking me on as the youth director for the Voices of Praise. I am excited to instruct younger voices again, and help guide their voices to a healthy, beautiful sound.” 
Sarah will begin with an introductory rehearsal and chance to meet interested youth on Sunday, September 24 at 4:30. The plan is for the Voice of Praise to rehearse each Sunday at 4:30 to 5:30 and perform regularly on Sunday mornings as part of a rotation with the other choirs.  
See you in church.
Pastor Steve

Pastor's Ponderings

On Sunday, Deacon Julie, Pastor Sullivan, Pastor Ken and I met several other Calvary Church friends and about 250+ others on the steps of ERUCC to declare our response to the Alt-right, white supremacy protests that took place on Saturday in Charlottesville. We were glad to join with others to say that hate has no place here in our community. I hope that as a community of faith, Calvary Church might take the lead in fostering mutual understanding and work across the racial lines that so often have divided us from one another. 
Something I read this summer struck me as particularly troubling. It identified three main factors that continue to make race a divisive issue in this country. First, most white Americans continue to live in locales that insulate them from the obstacles facing many majority-black communities.  Second, the overwhelming majority of white Americans don’t have a single close relationship with a person who isn’t white. And third, there are virtually no American institutions positioned to resolve these persistent problems of systemic and social segregation.  Although churches tend to be highly segregated on Sunday morning, we can work on building friendship and partnerships across different churches so that we can begin to see more of our unity than our division.
I am glad that we have started (once again) a practice of working with Asbury United Methodist Church and I look forward to the ways that both congregations can benefit from the connection. I am reminded of the song that in our hymnal
“In Christ, there is no east or west,
in him no north or south,
but one great fellowship of love,
throughout the whole wide earth.”
We ourselves may not be able to make this happen, but we know the One who can. It begins with you and me.

See you in church.

Pastor Steve

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