May 28

The United Methodist Church was born just over 50 years ago on April 23, 1968, when the Evangelical United Brethren (E.U.B.) Church and The Methodist Church united to form the new denomination.  In the midst of a nation divided over the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement and the assignations of Martin Luther King, Jr and Robert Kennedy, a new church was born that declared, “Lord of the Church, we are united in Thee, in Thy Church and now in The United Methodist Church.”

Maryland, in particular, has deep roots in the history of The United Methodist Church.  It was in this area that Robert Strawbridge preached and organized the first class meetings along the line develop by John Wesley.  The figures that organized what would later be known as the E.U.B Church were Philip William Otterbein and Martin Boehm and Jacob Albright were active in our area.  Francis Asbury, the first bishop in American Methodism was ordained in Baltimore.  Centennial Memorial Church takes great pride in its Evangelical United Brethren Church identity even to this day.  And Calvary UMC can trace its history back to the work of Francis Asbury.

See you in church,

Pastor Steve