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Centennial Community of Hope will offer new ministries to the Frederick community through Centennial Memorial United Methodist Church (CMUMC) located at 8 West Second Street, Frederick MD.  For many years, CMUMC has been the host facility for Second Street & Hope (SSH) in providing meals each Wednesday and Saturday evening, as well as clothing and other items, to those who may be homeless or otherwise in need.  While this partnership has ministered in wonderful ways to so many of our community, the relationship will end in October 2018. Thus, a new ministry is planned as a mission of outreach by CMUMC.

With a mission to welcome into fellowship with Christ those who hunger, those who feel alone, those who despair, and those who seek the grace and peace of God, Centennial Community Hope envisions itself becoming a fellowship and community commons in which the spirit of God’s love prevails; where people in need are nourished physically and spiritually, and where life skills are learned; and where people feel validated and empowered with hope to become a public voice about their quality of life and for the advancement of peace with justice in the community.

New programs of ministry will be launched to achieve these ends, some in collaboration with other non-profit organizations in the Frederick community, especially ministries that are complementary to the work of the Frederick Rescue Mission, the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs, and the Frederick Community Action Center.  Attention will be focused on the needs of those who may be without a permanent residence, but also those who are asset-limited, income-constrained, yet also employed.  Recent data released by the Frederick County United Way suggest that just under 40% of households in this county “cannot afford the bare minimum for housing, food, transportation, childcare, and healthcare.” (Frederick News-Post, September 13, 2018, A6).

If you have an interest in more specific information about the particular ministries that develop or wish to serve as a volunteer in one or more of those ministries or to make a contribution of other sorts, you may go to the website,