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After much prayer and discussion, the Church Council decided to move ahead with a special capital campaign to raise money for the organ project. This decision was informed by the report of the feasibility and readiness study carried out last fall.

The capital campaign is intended to raise additional funds over and above our regular offerings in order to provide an organ suitable for our needs and the wonderful worship space at Calvary Church. We plan to continue all of the current ministries and projects of the church while inviting persons to consider making a “Second Mile” gift for this particular purpose.

The worship life of the congregation is at the heart of our life and witness. Music helps us glorify God. It falls on us to provide a suitable instrument to lead God’s people in singing and lifting hearts in praise. We have a part to play in carrying on the witness and living faith of those who came before as well as passing on a legacy to those who come after.

The capital campaign requires careful review and planning. We will be working with an experienced professional consultant to guide us in our effort. This is intended to help the church be successful and wise in conducting the campaign. One of the things we have learned so far is that it is important that we continue our current ministries, particularly those that involve outreach and service to others during the time of the campaign. We have also recognized that we need to make sure our current annual budget is in line with our resources. This campaign can actually be a time in which we gain greater clarity about who we are as a congregation and how best to meet the call God has for us in this day.

More will be shared in the coming months, but for now, I wanted you to know that a decision has been made to proceed with the project.


Pastor Steve