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As I shared on Sunday, Christian hospitality takes many forms. This week, it takes the form of opening up the church buildings to 100 plus children and many teenage and adult volunteers for Vacation Bible School. From 9 to noon each day, we have busying signing songs, playing games, learning about characters in the Bible and hearing the message that God is good when life isn’t fair, when life is scary, when life changes, when life is sad and when life is good. It takes a lot of work to put together this week but we do so because what we do can have an impact on a child that lasts forever. If nothing else, they learn that the church is a place where they can find warm and loving people and a warm and loving God.

When the church holds Vacation Bible School, this isn’t just for our own kids and grandchildren. This is for children who live in the neighborhood and for the children that don’t have a church. We have several families that come because they have a child enrolled in Calvary Weekday School. Others have come because they were invited by a friend or neighbor. Some because they have seen the sign or the posting on Facebook and decided to give it a try.

Thanks to Christy Mossburg who directed the program again this year and for all the stations’ leaders and crew leaders that helped out. Thanks to Amy Stone who does the music and the gathering and closing each day and for the women (and a dad) that helped out in the kitchen with snacks.

We certainly have a VBS to be proud of and we have used the opportunity to tell others about God’s love.


Pastor Steve Larsen