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Youth Mission Trip update

We had a great week together July 15-19.  The 12 youth and 6 adults that went to Pittsburgh spent five days in the heat to bring a bit of love to others in the name and spirit of Jesus.  We got to work on three different homes, doing work to retile a bathroom, building a handrail, make repairs to a kitchen, painting and other needed jobs.  Most of all, we were welcomed into the homes and lives of these three families and we made a connection with each of them that we will always remember.

Between jobs at the worksite, there were times of worship, games, testimonies and discussion groups that helped us learn how to be servant leaders who follow Jesus.  We got a chance to practice a radical faith that makes a difference in the world.  We came back home ready to live out that faith here as well.  And, there were times we got some ice cream too.

It was great to be with these youth and get to know them better.  It was terrific to be with Greg Gray, Ed Kinsey, Shae Rust and Jenn Duthoy who each took time away to make this trip work for everyone.

-Pastor Steve