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I am glad to be back from a terrific vacation with my family. We went to the Bay Area of California for a week and then a week in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and Montana. I am glad to be back in Frederick and with the Calvary community once again, even if the weather is much too hot.

Just in case you did not hear the news, change is already underway. On Sunday, August 11, the Staff Parish Relations Committee shared the news that Rev. Julie Wilson was asked by the cabinet to serve as the Interim Pastor of Taylorsville UMC in Carroll County beginning in mid-August and continuing until the end of June 2020. This is a full-time appointment where she will be preaching weekly, providing pastoral care, and fulfilling all other pastoral duties as needed, including blessing the sacraments, for the remainder of the year under the authority of Bishop Easterling. This means Deacon Julie will no longer be in worship at Calvary Church on Sunday mornings. Deacon Wilson hopes to continue with some of her current responsibilities at Calvary Church on a limited basis to continue her work with the mission, outreach, and justice ministries.

We want to wish Julie well as she takes on a new role with another congregation. We will miss her, particularly on Sunday mornings but know that she is serving where she is most needed right now.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Steve