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I heard a presentation just this morning about a county-wide effort called “Frederick County Goes PURPLE” to address the opioid epidemic in Frederick County. There is not a family or circle of friends that have not been touched in some way by this crisis. We can feel powerless to stop or reduce the substance-related deaths and overdoses. However, there are things we can do. Frederick County Goes Purple is an initiative of Crossed Bridges, Inc, a faith-based, non-profit organization based in Frederick. During the month of September, people are encouraged to wear purple and to share three key messages.
1: WE CARE – Frederick County supports those who struggle with addiction and their loved ones.

  • We care for those who are inactive addiction and people in recovery.
  • We care for the families, friends, and communities that are affected by addiction.
  • We support our first responders and providers who witness the realities of addiction every day.

2: HOPE/HELP IS HERE – The Frederick County community offers hope and resources.

3: LET’S TALK – We invest in the youth of Frederick County through prevention education.

  • Prevention works. Take advantage of teachable moments. Find out how to talk to youth about substance use no matter their age. See for tips and resources.
  • Prevent substance misuse. Lock up prescriptions and dispose of unused medicine. Learn more prevention tips at
  • Addiction changes the brain.

The community can work together to take on this problem. Faith communities like Calvary Church can be a place that promotes abundant health and healing for families and addicted individuals. We can also offer encouragement to first responders, medical providers and law enforcement that deal with the addiction firsthand. Wearing purple during National Recovery Month links us with others in this work. For more information see or look for “Frederick County Goes Purple” on
Grace and Peace,

Pastor Steve