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This week we are wrapping up the intensive portion of the Renew and Rejoice Capital Campaign. I want to offer a word of heartfelt thanks to those who offered their time and talent to make this campaign happen. It’s been a big effort and these volunteers have made a big difference.

For years, many years, there has been a problem with the organ but nothing was done. The costs were too high, there were other pressing matters, the challenge of raising the money was not given priority. No action was taken. As each year passed, the task began that much harder. But, thank God, there have been many among us that were willing to step up and be part of a solution rather than leave the matter for someone else to deal with later on.

This campaign has been about lifting up a vision for this congregation as a community that brings people into conversation with God through worship and music. Along the way, we have come to have a greater sense of clarity about what God is doing here and how we might be in partnership with God. We’ve reached out to everyone in the congregation through face to face conversation, telephone calls or letters to those we did not reach in any other way.  We’ve promoted the idea of creative giving and planned gifts to the church. And we’ve learned that there is a connection between our generosity and how we are growing in our walk with Jesus Christ.

We have raised $874,000 in gifts and pledges without dividing the church or stirring up controversy or contention. We will continue to work toward accomplishing our goal. This will include reaching out beyond the congregation and looking into grants and donations from business and organizations. Over the next three years there will be additional times when people will be invited to connect with the campaign and join in. And some, like myself, hope to be able to increase our actual gift beyond my initial commitment.

We have decided to take on a project together and this can lead us to take on other projects to spread the gospel, to offer hope and peace to others, and to bear the light of Jesus Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Steve Larsen