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Today would have been the start of the 2020 General Conference of the United Methodist Church. Five months ago, there was lots of conversation about the future of the denomination and various plans that would have divided up assets and liabilities and who might get to keep the name “United Methodist”.  All that has become irrelevant now while we go through the pandemic and social distancing. Instead of finding ways to separate from one another, we are longing to find meaningful and enriching way connect with one another.

This time of disruption and change has broken open our hearts and minds to think about ourselves and our witness to the community and world.  Perhaps the most important good we can do for the world right now is to find ways to shine the light of hope that we find through our faith in Jesus, the Christ. That light of hope might to shine in our hearts, our homes and in our connections with others. And we can pray that fearful hearts find God’s reassurance, questing hearts find God’s guidance, and troubled hearts find God’s peace.

Here are a few ways that we can offer help.

  1. On this Giving Tuesday Now, there are many non-profit community organizations that are doing great work to help those in need. You might consider donating to one of these groups.


  1. There is an effort underway to send notes or other messages to encourage those who are working in the ICU at Frederick Health Hospital. If each of us were to write a note or draw a picture to send a message of thanks we could help them through this incredibly difficult time. You can put these in the donation box in the YMCA lobby or send them directly to:

Kelsey Shupe

Director of Communications

400 West 7th Street

Frederick, MD 21701


  1. The Frederick Community Action Agency (FCAA) is experiencing GREAT NEED of items because the usual spring food drives are not occurring, plus they are helping many more people than normal. County-wide, the food bank is serving 2000 families per weekin addition they are delivering to hundreds of seniors, feeding the homeless who have been relocated and operating take-out dinner service.  We can’t take donations right now, but here is how you can still donate food.


Drop Off Food Drive: Saturday, May 9th at two locations:

Triangle Motors, 1790 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701

Spring Ridge Chiropractic, 9093 Ridgefield Dr, Frederick, MD 21701

Most needed items:

  • Cereal – family size packages
  • canned meat
  • canned fruit
  • canned vegetables
  • pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • side dishes
  • single serve microwaveable or ready to eat food items for seniors who cannot cook for themselves
  • individual cereal bowls
  • individual oatmeal packs.
  • shelf stablemilk (almond, oat or regular)


Be well and be of good cheer,


Pastor Steve