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(Rev. Steve has decided to use this space over the next few weeks to share insights and thoughts from various sources in the wider United Methodist Church. This week some ideas are shared with us from The General Commission on Religion and Race)

A Moment for Mission
“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105, NRSV
What TV programs do you watch regularly? Do most of the characters talk and act just like you? If they were to move next door to you, how would they be received? Check out your favorite magazines. Do most of the articles and ads depict people from your racial or ethnic background? When you travel, do you go to the most popular tourist venues—museums, restaurants, churches—or do you try to broaden your horizons?
How can people of God learn about other cultures? The General Commission on Religion and Race recently compiled a list of “10 Honorable Ways to Learn about Another Culture.” Here are the suggestions:

  1. Learn about your own culture.
  2. Read books and articles written by people from other cultures.
  3. Read newspapers and online news sources that people from other cultures read for information from their own cultural perspective.
  4. Follow social media of people from, or organizations that represent, other cultures.
  5. If you get the chance, travel.
  6. Learn another language.
  7. Enter into a mutual cultural exchange.
  8. Visit museums and cultural centers.
  9. Take community college classes or continuing education courses.
  10. If someone from your inner circle of relationships identifies with another culture, ask him or her responsible questions.

Adapted from General Commission on Religion and Race website: Used by permission.
The General Commission on Religion and Race—simplified the search for resources by compiling a list of movies and books for children and adults to gain new insight into different cultures.
For the list and links, go to