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Yesterday I delivered a car full of food items to the food bank at Frederick Community Action Agency. Many of you offered donations over the last two weeks for this food drive. It usually is David and Amy Carter and family that take the food received on “Wheelbarrow Sunday” and deliver it to the food bank, but this time I did it on the church’s behalf.

It turns out that this donation comes at a critical time. The stocks are usually low in the summer months, but they are particularly low just now as the CAA is providing extra services in the coronavirus pandemic. You can learn more about the food bank here:

This is one way that the people of Calvary UMC are putting faith into action, caring for others, practicing generosity, loving one’s neighbors, particularly those who are most vulnerable and in need. This summer we were not able to provide hosts or a space for the emergency family shelter as we have so often in the past. Instead, the Religious Coalition is providing alternative shelter arrangements that can meet the safety needs of everyone in the pandemic. This has included use of retreat center. Calvary UMC has provided $2,000 from our “Communion Fund” to help with this and help with the important work does through the Religious Coalition.

The ways that we respond in times of great need reveal who we really are. I am grateful for the compassion and generosity that is evident in this congregation.

Stay safe and may God be with you.

-Pastor Steve Larsen