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The stained-glass windows add beauty and richness to the Calvary sanctuary. They bring light and color into the building as well as reminders of the stories and teachings of the Bible.

There are eight windows along the nave (the main part of the sanctuary) which have deep rich colors and show a jeweled antique effect. Four of these windows depict parables of Jesus. The second of these windows on the pulpit side of the building shows a scene from the parable of the Prodigal Son found in Luke 15:11-32.

The window shows that moment when the younger son has returned home after squandering his inheritance. He comes to his father begs for mercy. We see him on his knees and covering his face to wipe away the tears or simply because he does not feel worthy of looking upon his father after all he had done.  The father stands before the son with arms open, offering a blessing or an embrace to his son.  The story tells us that the father was joyful that this son had returned home.  The father welcomes him and throws a great party to celebrate his restoration to the family.  We also see the older son portrayed in the window, standing just behind his father, taking in the scene with one of his arms crossed against his chest.  Different emotions are shown in these three figures:  sorrow and regret, mercy and compassion, disgust and resentment. It’s a story about become lost and becoming found again. Jesus tells this parable to teach his listeners about God’s love. The surprising twist in the story is that the two sons end up switching places because of way in which each understood God’s love.

It’s a story that continues to resonate with us today. We long to receive all the kindness and mercy that is shown by the father in the story.  And the story reminds us that there is the danger that we can miss out on that love if we take it for granted.

It’s a beautiful work of art that conveys a rich and meaningful spiritual understanding.

Stay well and may God be with you.

Pastor Steve