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Last Sunday, Rev. Shannon Sullivan shared the news that she has been appointed to Trinity United Methodist Church starting July 1.  It’s been an honor to work with Pastor Shannon since July 2017. This isn’t unexpected. Associate Pastors tend to move on to other appointments after a few years. The people of Trinity UMC will quickly appreciate her skills and caring nature.  Nevertheless, I will certainly miss working with her.


Pastor Shannon is a delightful person who has a heart for pastoral ministry. I appreciate her deep faith, her joyful spirit, her love for language and story, and her writing. She has great loyalty to her friends and family and regularly sees the best in everyone.


She showed great courage in sharing her own disappointment and sorrow around her personal loss while still being open to new possibilities.  It was a great delight to welcome Zeke.  He’s become a star in the weekly online services. We got to share in her delight in become a mother – even if circumstances did not allow us to spend much time with Zeke in person.


We will be going through a several transition over the coming months as we begin to re-open the church more fully again and prepare to say goodbye to Shannon and Aaron and Zeke.  The Staff Parish Relations Committee has already begun to discuss and pray over the leadership needs of the congregation going forward. We will be sharing more information with you soon.


We look to God to provide us with the guidance and strength that leads us forward in faith.


Pastor Steve