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There are lots of changes ahead for this congregation. What I want to talk about particularly this week is the changes that will take place when Pastor Shannon Sullivan leaves this congregation to serve another.  We will be recognizing her and offering appropriate thanks to her in the weeks ahead. What I want to share with you now is that the Staff Parish Relations Committee has prayed and considered what this change will mean with regard to staff and leadership needs going forward.

I was shared in a previous letter to the congregation, the decision was made in February to not ask for another full-time Associate Pastor to be appointed by the Bishop at this time. This gives the church great flexibility with regard to how we structure tAs he work of the paid staff. Rather than have another “generalist” to offer pastoral leadership, we will be looking for one or more people to provide specific skills and talents that are needed at this particular time. What we have in mind is:  1) a Director of Youth Ministries to lead and oversee work with middle and high school students, 2) a Coordinator of Discipleship to guide the process for people to become new members and become involved in worship and small groups, and 3) someone to serve as a “Digital Strategist” who can help us with all aspects of digital ministry, including our online worship, social media and website. The Digital Strategist will not only be helping members to find ways to engage with the church online, but also help the church reach out to others and share our story with those outside the congregation. We have created three part-time positions but are open to having the tasks split up and shared in a variety of ways.

These positions are particularly needed as we continue to move forward from this past year of the pandemic. We have learned the value to the connections we share with one another. It makes sense that we build upon the work that was done out of necessity when the buildings were shut down. A year from now, the church may decide that it wants to go back to having an associate pastor once more. We are not locked into any particular staffing model forever. But these new positions can allow us to meet the current needs we are facing. We will begin looking for those who are interested and have the skills and experience that are needed.

If you would like to know more or see the position descriptions, feel free to contact me, the church office or Meg Winter the chair of the SPRC.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Steve