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After months of staying home and limiting our exposure to others, wearing masks and practicing social distancing, we are nearing the end of the covid 19 pandemic. With infections rates going down and vaccinations rates going up, Gov. Larry Hogan has lifted many of the restrictions we’ve been under. As a congregation, we are trying to determine what’s best way to proceed. We are going to move in a series of steps rather that all at once, so that we can all move together and, hopefully, avoid any missteps along the way.


We will continue to offer both an online and in person worship service each Sunday.


  1. If you have symptoms associated with COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who currently has been found to have COVID-19, please stay home and participate online.


  1. Persons who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and have gone two weeks or more after their last vaccination do not have to wear a mask inside the building.


  1. If you have not been vaccinated or have been vaccinated within the last 14 days, you may enter but you are asked to wear a mask.


  1. The ropes in the sanctuary seating will continue to be in place to allow physical distancing for those who may not have been fully vaccinated at this time, including children under 12.


  1. Everyone who enters the building for worship or other events over 50 people are asked to register their attendance with name and contact information.


Starting on June 6, we will shift the worship service in the sanctuary to 10 AM. We will allow people to sing together and plan to add more music offerings as the summer goes on.  The plans will continue to evolve and change as needed and situations require.


More to come. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you and greeting you soon.


-Pastor Steve Larsen