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Back in a previous sermon a couple of years back, I shared the story about Kate Bowler, author of Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved. She landed her dream job and had a wonderful family when she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and had to figure out what this news would mean for her future, her family and her faith. She has a terrific podcast these days called “Everything Happens” that continues this exploration.  I want to share some words of blessings that she offered in her podcast on May 11, 2021.

A blessing for when you have a lot to re-think:

Blessed are you who don’t have all the right answers, you who realize that

“I don’t know” is the best response and posture for now.

Lean in, unafraid to learn, and change, and be wrong along the way.

Blessed are you who are being stretched and pressed and pulled

by the uncertainty that surrounds us,

you who are deciding to not stay the same because we are not who we were,

things have changed, we have lost things we can’t get back

and need to learn new ways to live here, now.

Blessed are you who realize that community really does help us see the truth more clearly, even if your chin has to be turned gently – or more forcefully– toward it.

Being fragile in the midst of a world of hammers takes courage.

It takes courage to live here, to be wrong here, to learn something new,

to choose humility and kindness and one another over being right.

So, here’s to us, dear ones, the people who don’t have it together,

but are done pretending to.

It’s better this way: curious, hopeful and courageous.


Sound and helpful for us all to take to heart.


Grace and peace,


Pastor Steve