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Children going without a proper bed to sleep on real problem in this country. Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a nonprofit organization that is aimed at solving that problem by providing well-built twin beds free of charge to families in need with children ages 4-17 sleeping on the floor, on a couch, or with their parents or siblings.  These beds include ALL NEW frames, mattresses, blankets/quilts, sheet sets, and pillows.

SHP is a national organization, and a local chapter is now up and running in Frederick County. Several people form Calvary Church have participated in building beds and delivering them to families in our community.

The children and families from Calvary Church are currently collecting sheets, blankets and pillows that will go along with the beds and mattresses. The donations are to be new items (not previously used) and contributions. These can be brought to the parish hall at the church. Some of the children visited adult Sunday School classes last Sunday to share about this project. We will be collecting contributions and bedding items through Easter Sunday, April 17.

To learn more Sleep In Heavenly Peace, you can use the link below to watch a short video that shows the building process from raw lumber on a trailer, to lumber pre-cut day, to bed build day, to delivery day, and smiling children sliding into their new beds.

Pastor Steve