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Serving God through Serving Others


Many people might argue that a person is most like Jesus when he or she preach as Jesus preached, teach as Jesus taught, heal as Jesus healed, or perform miracles just as Jesus performed miracles. This makes sense if we look at the outward aspects of what Jesus did. But if we look a little deeper to see the motivations that lie behind what Jesus did, we see the motivation that lies underneath the action. Jesus’ motivation was always to serve to God through serving other (Matthew 20:28).


God has called each of us to serve other people just as Jesus served. When we serve others, we bring praise and honor to God’s name. We bring glory to God by the ways in which show love and consideration for the people around us. We bring our motivations in line with Jesus’s motivations and so we also grow to be more and more like him.


Our actions become a catalyst for spiritual growth and Christian discipleship. Acts of kindness and service not only help others. These acts also help us grow to be more faithful. They are a pathway that leads to life in Jesus Christ.


I hope that all the members and friends of Calvary UM Church would plan to serve someone in the church or the larger community in some way every week and every month. This is a way that we can let the light of Christ shine more brightly.


Questions to consider:

  • What is something I can today do that shows care and consideration to someone else I know or meet?
  • If someone were watching you this week, would they know you are a Christian by what they see you do?