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Faith often grows as we read the Bible along with others. The Bible is the record of God’s actions and words to humanity over time. It does point to God’s purpose and nature.  It is in the reading and studying the Bible together that we come to know just who God is and what God offers to us.

The Bible always needs to be interpreted and discussed for its meaning and application to be available. The fuller meaning of the Bible gets unpacked when we read it in a small group or a community of faith. Ideally, we read the Bible along with other people. Its richness is made know we can share our questions, our concerns and our experience with others and take in what others have to say about these things also.

When I was just starting out as a pastor, here at Calvary Church, some thirty-four years ago, I thought that I had everything I needed to read and understand the Bible on my own. After all, I’d been to seminary! I was wrong. I learned from many of the people here in this congregation, that on my own, I only understood just a part of what was available in the Bible. I found that I needed to listen, ask questions, keep an open mind and an open heart so that I could take in the experience and insights that others had to offer. Only when I was a part of a community of learners, working together, could my faith really grow to its larger, mature form.

That is a lesson that has stuck with me. All of us grow and deepen our faith when we are continually learning and working out what God has to say to us from the pages of Scripture.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Where do others know you well?
  • What does it mean to know others and be known by others?
  • What are the ways you read the Bible and feed your spiritual growth?

Grace and peace,

Pastor Steve