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The Baltimore Washington Conference has provided a tool for our congregation to learn about demographic and social patterns in the surrounding area. With a few clicks on the computer, I can pull up several detailed reports that indicate who lives within a 3 ½ mile radius.


So, who are the people in our neighborhood? Speaking in general terms, there are 100,500 people that live within a 3 ½ mile radius of the church building. There are approximately 38,637 households, meaning that the average household has 2.6 persons. The area is expected to grow by about 5.5% in the next five years while the State of Maryland will only grow by 2.7% in that period. Currently, the population is 60% White, 17% Black, 14% Hispanic/Latino, 6% Asian, and 3% other. The average age is 38.43 years which is slightly younger than the average age for the state, 40.18. This area has a higher level of education for adults and a somewhat lower median family income in comparison with the state as a whole.


I remember some years ago hearing about a church that was in decline in a major urban area. Most of the members of the church used to live close to the church building, but over time, many moved out of the area and other people moved in. Many of those who still were active in the congregation drove into the city while the people in the neighborhood had little knowledge or interaction with the church that was close by. That is something a vital church will take steps to avoid.


As we dig into the reports, we can begin to find more insights. We can create ministries that are appealing and messages that reach people where there are. The assumptions that we have, or our own biases based on personal experience, can be enriched by the data that comes out of the demographic study.


Grace and peace,

    Pastor Steve