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Last week, I mused about the value of spending time out in nature. On Sunday, I preached about the way in which all of us are called to care for God’s creation. I wanted to share with you a little bit more about that theme this week.


I fear that future generations will look back at mainline Christians like ourselves astounded that we spent so much energy focusing on human sexuality while largely ignoring the ecological disaster that was destroying the earth. The clock is ticking as we could soon reach a point when we can no longer reverse the damage that we as human beings have inflicted upon the non-human world through greed, negligence, and ignorance. The problems are large, but there are things that you and I can do.


Here are a few practical suggestions:

  • Learn more about conservation and climate change.
  • Avoid using bottled water.
  • Reduce what you buy so you have less to recycle or throw out.
  • Support one organization dedicated to conservation.
  • Shop wisely. Buy less plastic and bring a reusable shopping bag.
  • Use long-lasting light bulbs. Energy-efficient light bulbs reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also, flip the light switch off when you leave the room!
  • Conserve water. The less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater that eventually end up in the ocean.
  • Don’t send chemicals into our waterways. Choose non-toxic chemicals in the home and yard.
  • Plant a tree. Trees provide food and oxygen. They save energy, clean the air and help combat climate change.


I would be interested in hearing some other ideas about what we can do, where to learn more, and how to work with others. I would love to join with others in the church to think of ways we could become a “green” (or “greener”) congregation and make good choices that can multiply our individual efforts.


Grace and peace,


Pastor Steve