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Last Sunday, we welcomed back the members of the Grateful Hearts class. It was great to see them with us again in the parish hall and the sanctuary.

I want to offer my thanks to all those who are working to restart the Grateful Heart class here at Calvary Church. The Grateful Hearts class is made up of intellectual and developmental disabilities. For many years, the Calvary Church has gone out to the group homes run by Community Living Inc. to pick up folks and bring them to the church for a Sunday School class, donut time, and Sunday Worship. When Covid-19 came along, we stopped doing this. Now, with the leadership of Margie Wilde, a group of volunteers has come together to drive the bus, teach Sunday School, play the piano in the class sessions and offer assistance each week.

The current members of the Grateful Hearts are Crystal Balderson, Elizabeth Wyatt, Mark Myers, Jeannie Baumgartner, Sharon Green, Ricky Munday, and Steven Loss. Here are the volunteers that make it possible: Margie Wilde, Dean Calcagni, Bob Jacobs, Becky Kile, Wanda Larsen, Alice Linton, Adell Remsberg, Paulette Shockey, and Drew Irving

Calvary Church is the only congregation that offers this service to those in Community Living group homes. Each of the members is a delightful addition to the Calvary Church family. They will be picked up and brought to the church each Sunday for their Sunday School class in the Library at 9 am, come to the worship service at 10 am and then enjoy the donut time in the Parish Hall after the service.

I am proud to be part of a congregation that has made room to include these wonderful people.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Steve