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I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather we’ve been having. The colors of the leaves and clouds and sky are dazzling to see. Even though the leaves need to be raked and cleared away, the world is full of brilliant colors that take the breath away.


I remember learning some time ago that the red and yellow, and orange colors we see in the fall are not restricted to the fall season. The leaves on the trees have these colors in the spring and summer as well, but they are hidden behind the green color of the chlorophyll.  The green parts of the leaves are what change carbon dioxide, sunlight and water into food. Hidden under all the green, those other colors are there waiting for their moment to be seen.


As we go through life, much of what makes life precious can be covered over by matters that seem ordinary and forgettable. Sometimes, those things that matter most get lost because our attention is taken up by our fears, our worries, and our troubles. So friends, be sure to stop and take a breath. Look around. Offer a smile, a handshake, a hug, or an elbow to the people around you. Find things to be thankful for and give God a thumbs up or a prayer to express appreciation. You will be glad you did.


Grace and peace,


Pastor Steve