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For many years, Calvary Church has sent groups to various places on mission and service projects. Groups have gone to do repair work after hurricanes and floods and done work to build or repair homes, schools, and retreat centers. Some of these projects have been here in the US, and others have been outside the country. In every case, there has been time for learning about the lives of others, offering assistance, and building meaningful connections.


I am excited that Calvary Church is offering multiple ways to not only continue this practice but to expand upon it. The mission team is setting up multiple ways for people to offer their time and effort in service to others. One of the most exciting ways is through our partnership with Sleep in Heavenly Peace. This is a nationwide organization that has a chapter here in Frederick County. The idea is simple: No child should have to sleep on the floor or coach. Every child should have a decent bed of their own.  So, the organization takes $250 of materials and builds a bed frame to be delivered to a home in Frederick County along with a mattress, pillow, sheets, and comforter.


Calvary Church sponsored one “bed-build” event last year, and we plan to do so again on May 4. We will be looking for 40 volunteers who will give us a couple of hours to build 20 bed frames. No woodworking experience is required! The church has also taken on the role of providing storage of the bedframes and bedding until they can be delivered. Once a week, there is a team from the church goes to the homes to deliver and set up each bed.


We will be making an announcement about this project at the worship service on April 2 (Palm Sunday). You can learn more and sign up to help with the event using the link below.


It’s great to be part of a community that takes its faith out into the world and makes a real difference in the lives of others.


Grace and peace,


Pastor Steve