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Last fall, I asked members of the Church Council to participate in a very unscientific survey. I provided a long list of values. Then I asked these people which values on the list best describe how they experience this congregation and which do not.  I received eleven responses.


When I asked, “What are the core values that Calvary has right now?”  there were several responses. Each person got to pick three values on the list.

Seven said “Meaningful relationships”,

Six said  “Service to others”

Five said “Stability

And several items all got four votes

“Hospitality and welcome,” “community and fellowship,” “care of members,” and “care for children/youth.”


When I asked, “What core values do not describe the congregation at this time?”

Five people marked “Curiosity”

Four people each marked “Vulnerability” and “care for the environment”


As I said, this wasn’t scientific, but it suggests that relationships are highly valued here in the congregation, and service to others is an important part of our life together.


Jesus spoke to the crowd, talked with many followers, and addressed those opposed to him, but he spent the most time with the disciples he called to be with him and those he encountered one-on-one. Those were the ones on whom he had the greatest impact.  Those were the ones who carried on his work after his death and resurrection.


To follow Jesus today requires that we connect with other people. We build a relationship that has depth and staying power. And we will always be finding ways to show love to others. Meaningful relationships and service to others are at the heart of who we are.


Grace and peace,


Pastor Steve