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Some of you have heard the story, but it is still great.

Not so long ago, someone was parked in front of Calvary United Methodist Church on a Sunday morning. At around 11:15 or so, people were coming out of the church building after worship and time in the parish hall. What this person in the car noticed was the smiles on the people coming out of the church. The people seemed to be pleased with what they found going on inside the building that morning, and that was evident on their faces.

The person in the car was watching with interest. She was interested in finding a church that could meet her needs. And rather than step on in, she decided to watch the people that had just gone to the church on a Sunday morning. If they seemed happy and content and walked with a lighter step on account of what they experienced inside, then she concluded that might be the place for her also.

I am so glad that she found lots of smiles on the faces of people coming out of this congregation. There is much here that can bring us contentment and meaning and connection. There is joy that comes as we spend time with one another and as we grow together in faith.  Sure, there will be times when we have sorrow and fears that may weigh us down, but here we find God who strengthens us and others that can help us bear our burdens a little easier.

That is what it means to be the body of Christ.

By the way, I am so glad that we still are offering worship services online each week. It gives many the chance to participate when they cannot be here in person. But, it is so good to come together and share with one another in person.

Grace and peace,

Steve Larsen