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One of the best signs of health and vitality in any organization is when there is a ongoing flow of new people wishing to join. We have had several people join the congregation already in 2023 and others are likely to join in the coming months. Clearly, this congregation is offering something valuable that people want. That is good news!

This Sunday, I am particularly excited that we will be having a baptism in the worship service. This will not be an infant or child, but rather an adult. Deanna Rice has been participating in worship for the last six months or so and she joined the congregation in May. When she joined, she shared with me that she had never been baptized and she wanted to know if she could be baptized as an adult. My answer was, “Of course!”  She will get to answer for herself the questions that I usually put to parents and sponsors to answer on behalf of a child. She will claim the freedom and power God gives to resist evil, injustice and oppression. She gets to publicly confess Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in union with the church. She also gets to her the congregation pledge to pray for her and surround her with a community of love and forgives, that she may grow in her trust of God and be found faithful in her service to others.

When an adult is baptized, the richness of the baptismal covenant is more apparent. This isn’t just something we do for children and infants. This is an identity and lifestyle we take on that lasts a whole lifetime. We are all still wet behind the ears with the water of baptism and the promise of love and forgiveness that flows to us from God and that we strive to make real in our life together as a congregation. Each time we go to the baptismal waters, we are reminded who we are in Christ.

Grace and peace,

Rev. Steve Larsen