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Lenten Program

Beginning Wednesday, February 24 at 7 pm.

Holy Vessels will be the theme for this year’s Lenten Program. We will examine various ways that Christ offers healing and wholeness not just through physical healing but also the restoration of emotional well-being, community, and even environmental health. We will be looking at the Gospel of Matthew and using materials provided by Worship Design Study.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 869 2779 1056
Passcode: 131

We will be offering the study on Zoom at 7 pm each Wednesday for 5 weeks. Zoom will allow us to see each other (if you wish) and also have some conversation around the theme and the scripture lessons. We will also be recording each session and making these available on YouTube and Facebook so that people can view the session at a different time or without having to use ZOOM.

Helpful hints when using Zoom

What is Zoom and how do I use it?
Are you wondering what Zoom is? It’s an online meeting platform you can call into using your phone or an audio only option, but it is primarily a group video chat. Check out the Zoom instructions below!

If you haven’t used Zoom before:
On a computer: when you click the meeting link it may prompt you to add the Zoom extension to your browser – this is totally safe to do. It may also just automatically ask for your camera and mic access – this is also safe! Once you grant access you will be connected to the meeting.

On a smart phone or tablet: when you click the meeting link it’ll prompt you to download the Zoom app if you don’t already have it. When it’s installed, go back to the link and click Join Meeting, and it will automatically connect you.

By phone: dial the meeting telephone number provided. When it asks, enter the meeting code you’ve been provided for that particular meeting. We’ll be able to hear you but not see you (like a conference call). It can be a house phone or flip phone, doesn’t need to be a smart phone!

* Tips for Using Zoom *
I recommend using headphones during the meeting – otherwise your computer hears your computer playing the sound of the meeting and then sends it out as what it thinks you are saying, creating an echo and sometimes a screech!

I also recommend learning about the Mute button. Zoom tries to pick up all sound going on around you – the dog’s collar jingling, grandkids asking for a pencil sharpener, even the dishwasher starting a new cycle. If there are many people on at once this can get overwhelming. So if you’re not talking, hit the Mute button (usually in the lower left hand corner of your screen) and it won’t pick up on all that background noise. You can unmute yourself any time (and if Zoom thinks you’re trying to talk, it’ll remind you to unmute yourself first!).

The default screen layout on Zoom is called Speaker – it shows the person who’s talking. It can be more fun to switch to Gallery mode (a set of 3×3 squares usually in the top right hand corner of the screen) – this shows everyone at once.